Part 1.4 Indirect Action Strategies

Hitting The Grass And Frighten The Snake

At the time of the second king of the Qin Dynasty ruled, a Prime Minister named Zhao Gao ambitious and trying to gain control of the throne. But the biggest obstacle is that he doesn’t know clearly where the high officials or the public support and which are not. Asked one by one to them is impossible because in addition to not always get an honest answer, his plan can be uncovered. After a long time he thinking hard, finally he finds a solution. One day, when meeting with the king’s high officials, Zhao Gao presented a deer to the king, saying “Your highness, I presented to you a horse, and this is a great horse.” King smiled and he said, “It seems you have been absent-minded, it’s a deer, why you say it a horse?” Zhao Gao then pointed to the deer and see the high-level officials, requesting “Try to answer it! It’s a deer or a horse?”

That question such as fruit of simalakama for high officials who were present. If they say a horse, means lying to the king. The other way, if telling the truth that it is a deer, it’s contradiction with the prime minister’s statement. Under conditions of this dilemma is no one dared to vote. Zhao Gao then asked again with a louder voice, “C’mon, answer it!!! It’s a horse or a deer?” Because pressed on and asked one by one, they finally answered. Some people answered a horse, but some people also answered a deer.

Tomorrow, all the high officials who said ‘deer’, killed by the prime minister, it is considered not supported him.

Core Strategy

  1. If you do not know for certain needs and market forces,
    you do a raid on a small scale or indirect attack (with survey, product tester, etc.)
  2. Customer responds by pointing out the need, desire or satisfaction.
  3. By knowing this information, you plan the right strategy to enter the market.

Applications in daily lifes
Sometimes, when faced with a problem that may never think about and we have to find the solution as soon as possible, most of us are wrong in making decisions due to the limited time that we have. At that time, we should not be confused to take decisions quickly and do not be afraid of running out of time.

So, what’s the solution ..??? This is the solution, first of all, learn the problem. Second, find the solutions that might be done. Third, study the possibility of solutions that you find, positive and negative. And finally, take the solution that you think best suits the problem by considering the positive and negative. These steps are general steps used to do.

For example, when we are slandered by someone we know, but we do not know who did it, we can invite anyone who we suspect as the culprit to meet together. After that, we can catapult a statement that only you and the perpetrator who knows the truth. What we have to do is to observe the responses of each person, and from there to unknown perpetrators.

Applications in business
Before we produce our products in bulk, can use the samples and were surveyed about the effectiveness of our products. By doing so, we can reduce what is called the swelling costs, wrong segmentation, and failed products.

This method is called by us throwing bait into the market with the aim of knowing what the market wants and needs, and the intended consumer behavior.


~ by Darwin Bintoro on November 18, 2010.

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