Part 1.3 Indirect Action Strategies

Go to the Chen Cang Through The Hidden Path

Before He became the first emperor of Han dynasty, Liu Bang once under the supervision of Xiang Yu, who forced him to have to relent and move to another city.

For a while, Liu Bang and his army has occupied Shu’s city which was surrounded by steep mountains and it’s main street is a bridge made of wood. On the advice of his generals, Zhang Liang, Liu Bang destroyed that bridge for avoid the attack of Xiang Yu’s army and at the same time giving the impression that Liu Bang won’t back to the East.

After quite some time to consolidate, Liu Bang’s army become more powerful. To interrogate the enemy, he ordered his men to rebuild the bridge. That activities raised suspicion for Zhang Han, A general that assigned to monitor the movement of Liu Bang.

When the bridge almost done, Zhang Han guessed that Liu Bang’s army will attack from side of the bridge, so he strengthen and concentrate his forces there.

After all this time there was no sign of attack, Zhang Han generals are suspicious and ask some people to sneak into the castle of Liu Bang and find out. Information obtained was surprising. Liu Bang’s forces had secretly left the place to Chen Cang through a small street and conduct a surprise attack that won a big victory.

Application in daily life

When we feel threatened or endangered by circumstances and conditions,
change that situations into opportunity. The trick is to make a deceptive movement that can bring benefits to our. For example, when someone is involved in an event that does not like such as seminars, to exit from the situation can be a way to pretend to the bathroom when the goal is to get out of the room.

Application in business

Maybe some of us have heard the term of below the line. This story is tell us that below the line is as same as through the hidden path. For example, The body shop never advertise their products, but why people knows The Body Shop? Because The Body Shop always incentive to voice their environmental consciousness without ever having to promote their products. Because that activity, The Body Shop known as eco-friendly products, thus become the largest company number three in this world. And managed to beat its competitors by receiving part of the customer care, or more commonly known by the name ‘winning the customer’s heart share’


~ by Darwin Bintoro on April 5, 2010.

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