Part 1.2 Indirect Action Strategies

Make Noise in the East and Attack in the West

In the era of Three Kingdoms, there was a decisive battle between Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. Besides having a favorable defensive position, Yuan Shao also has troops in excess of the amount of Cao Cao’s army.

One day, Yuan Shao is planning to take the city Baima, which is where the food suppliers Cao Cao’s force.

Get a report, Yuan SHao’s army is starting to move to the city Baima, Cao Cao don’t have many option. If mobilize his power to help the city Baima, he will defeat because the number of troops that are not comparable to the power of Yuan Shao. Otherwise, if not immediately help the city Baima, Cao Cao’s army afraid of suffering from hunger because the food supply will be disrupted.

After discussing with his advisers, one gives advice to Cao Cao to pretend to attack the town of Ye, one of the strategic town of Yuan Shao.

The strategy get a response from Yuan Shao, He pulled most of his troops, who will attack the city of Baima to defend the city of Ye.

Cao Cao force across the river to the city of Ye, but then Cao Cao give an order to his army to change the direction. That night, they go straight to the city of Baima.

Tommorow, when Yuan Shao arrived to the city of Ye, He didn’t find anyone, and in the same time, Cao Cao’s army arrived to the city of Baima. With forces bigger thanYuan Shao’s army at Baima, Cao Cao defeated his opponent and succeed defend the city.

Application in daily life

Often when we want something in our lives is not always achieved, either because of internal factors or external factors. Actually in this story, we are taught to make the movement ruse to achieve the real goal. For example, when we want a mobile phone, while the expectations of our parents is that we have a good score. Then, to get what we want, we learn seriously to get good grades at the beginning of the semester. After getting a good score, we can make a request to parents to buy a mobile phone accompanied by evidence that we have a good score and would like that until the end of the semester.

Applications in business
Had we heard about the trend of credit card? At first, credit card used as a card to raise the prestige of our. But, actual purpose bank credit cards not only to enhance our prestige, but we are not directly forced to become ‘customers’ products that work with banks. Another fact is that when Kodak tried to enter the market in Japan who was already dominated by Fuji Film and Konica. Because Kodak knew that the population in Japan is more familiar with Fuji Film and Konica, and if use a frontal assault, Kodak certainly be defeated by Fuji Film and Konica. Then, strategies used by Kodak at the time not to sell the film, but positioned itself as a film processing laboratory and receive all kinds of movies. It existence is not considered a threat by Fuji Film and Konica. But, when people see good results from Kodak, people slowly began to try products from Kodak. In the next few years, Kodak has received the name of the Japanese society such as Fuji Film and Konica.
Dalam beberapa tahun ke depan

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