Part 1.1 Indirect Action Strategies

Surrounded the country of Wei to help the country of Zhao

In the years 354 BC, the country of Wei attack the country of Zhao and laid siege to his capital, Han Dan. The King of Zhao immediately asked help from the country of Qi.
For helping Zhao country, military advisor of Qi, Sun Bin, suggested to not attack Wei’s soldiers directly in Zhao, because in there are concentrated enemy force center. Otherwise, he suggested to attack Wei country especially his capital, Da Liang, because in there are enemy weakness point.
For that advice, Tian Ji war general, lead 8000 soldier to surround Wei country. A report that their country are under attack, Wei soldiers led by Pang Juan with fast time once again to save the country. But, in the same time, some soldiers of Qi were waiting along the path that Wei soldiers will pass. When Wei soldiers passed this point, they trapped and defeated by Qi soldiers.
Applications in daily life

When we get into trouble, whether derived from friends, parents, siblings or even themselves, often we just confused about how to solve this problem. But if we can think calmly, and looking the other way, then the problem that makes us confused could be resolved by itself. For example, when we have problems with your friends, you can use the resources you have more than just reflect on the case at hand and think of solutions. Better make a relationships with your friends through your friends to dig up information about the problems faced. When we knew, the answer for that problem would present itself. The problem arises because of the lack of alignment between expectations and reality, and when you can align it, then the problem is complete.
Applications in business

When you were attacked by a business competitor, don’t be afraid!!! But try to stay calm, because with the calm, creative ideas will emerge. You can take the offensive in a way to do marketing in areas already saturated with competing products or by creating new products which can create your competitors confusion to overcome the attack of your products. When competitors began to look confused, that’s the time you reposition your product which was attacked earlier in the consumer’s mind again. But of course the first thing you must do is improving your product until at least equal to competitor products.
Ketika bisnis Anda diserang oleh saingan Anda, jangan takut

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