Why “Management Today”…??

Finally, I did it…

I’ve just finished a wordpress’ blog. It requires hard work for several hours… fiuuhhh…

By the way, maybe all of you ask about main topic in my blog. Why “Management Today”..? Whether the other web has no management…???

My answer is not. In other site, a lot of topic about management in there. But, I still choose this topic for several reasons…

First, I love all things about management. Because in the management discuss many things. Starting from simple things, like recruitment, to the complex things, like OD.

Second, In this blog, I want to give to others an ease of reference data for their study. I will update this blog as soon as possible… So, be followers of my blog…

Third, for myself… When I decided to choose “Management Today” as the title of my blog, it means I’m committed to updating my blog continuously for the convenience of people in search of reference data…

That’s why I choose “Management Today” as the title of my blog…:D


~ by Darwin Bintoro on March 24, 2010.

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